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Trial Vixen

Postby discountporn » Fri Feb 14, 2020 5:48 pm

Trial Vixen


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AUSTRALIAN RADIATION LABORATORY Properties of Plutonium- Contaminated Particles, Resulting from British Vixen B Trials at Maralinga by - Perer A. Burns  : *The Minor Trials: Radioactive materials used Location Trial Date Quantity (kg) PLUTO N l U M Taranaki Vixen B 1960-1963 22 2 Naya 1 (TM 100) Tims 1960 0 : 6  : _"Great numbers at the first vixen trial night at Forest Lake! #govixens.|The tests that had more far reaching significance than the 12 major trials, however, were the 12 radiological experiments known as Vixen B that were only held .
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